I find myself looking forward to checking the website each night to see what is coming up.  I get a little butterfly of excitement thinking about what I'm going to accomplish.  --Diane, AZ

This was a great workout. I liked pushing myself with the running. I think running is partly psychological and I have come to figure out I can do far more than I think I can. It helps to have someone else tell me what to do and then push myself to do it.  --Natalie, NY

I told Jason I was doing this and he wanted to try some of the workouts. He asked today, "Where is MY workout?"  It's great.  And today I was telling him my arm hurt from getting some blood work done from the needle and his reply was, "My whole body hurts from Dixie!"  Be proud...you are a great trainer!  --Kate, AZ

The workouts have been great, although I am STILL sore, sneezing kills and even the balls of my feet hurt.  Dixie this is killing me, but I think it is just what I needed.   --Lea

SIX, SIX, SIX  Yes, I said it.  That workout was the DEVIL!! Burned 720 calories and I'm dead.  But, I did it.  I'd say all by myself, but the truth is Dixie, The Biggest Loser, and my good friend Diane were a great BIG mental help too!  Thanks!!  --Dana, AZ

Today I did 4 sets of the lower body and found by the 4th set I was catching my breath quicker.  --Sarah, AZ

I am so excited about training and look forward to the joy of completing a triathlon. There are very few things that have brought more personal satisfaction then crossing the finish line.   --Eric Z., TX