Emotional Energy: You're In Control

Let's break things down really simply here. Basically we have two kinds of energy: physical energy and emotional energy. Everything we do requires some of both. However, it is the emotional energy, not the physical, that dictates our success or failure in everything. And the great news is, we can completely control our emotional energy-if we want to.

Think about something you don't want to do. Something you have been putting off for awhile now. (You know what I'm talking about). Every day that goes by without addressing it, your emotional energy is being taxed by it. A lot. Even if it is something small. How many things are you putting off like that? Every single one of them dips their greedy little hand into your emotional energy pot and grabs a handful. This can leave you feeling tired, depressed, frustrated or angry before you've even lifted a finger! So how can you have energy to exercise when you feel like that?

Now think, how much physical and emotional energy would it really take to address the thing/or things you've been putting off? In our heads we always think it's a lot, but I'd venture to guess it's not near as much as it's taking from you now.

Your emotional energy is a precious commodity that needs to be saved for family, friends and yourself. What you'll realize is that addressing the things you've been putting off won't take energy away from you...but rather it will infuse you with more.

Don't believe me?

Try it.