Day 64: 25 Things That Jerky Voice In You Head Might Say…..

1. Tomorrow is a better day to start.

2. I could do it if I wanted to.

3. I don’t really care.

4. It doesn’t matter to me that much.

5. Missing one day is no big deal.

6. My head/knee/ankle/shoulder/earlobe hurts.

7. My body needs a break.

8. I’m not like her/him.

9. I don’t want to be tired today.

10. I’ve been doing really well, so……

11. Today is different because…..

12. I need the extra sleep.

13. When things settle down, I’ll get back on track.

14. Well I already screwed up today so I might as well enjoy it.

15. I can’t.

16. I shouldn’t.

17. I won’t.

18. I don’t want to.

19. This isn’t working.

20. Why should I even try?

21. I’m not in the mood.

22. I’m too sore.

23. I’m too old/fat/weak/scared/etc.

24. I can’t change now.

25. But….