3 miles...

3 mile run (tempo)

Notes: Didn't do the "tempo" part. Just ran 3 miles. It was kind of a pathetic run, but I was just glad to get all 3 in. BEST weather for running today. It dropped 20 degrees from yesterday. Ran in 63 degrees. Heaven!


One more 2-miler….

2 mile run (pushing the stroller)

Core & Lower body exercises…again:

  • 20 leg lifts
  • 20 lunges
  • 10 right/10 left/10 center crunches

Repeat 2 times

Notes: Felt really slow on the run… I didn't realize how hard it is to push a stroller while running. Legs were very sluggish today. Probably because I worked my legs 3 days in a row. But I REALLY want this lower body to fit in my old jeans! Guess there is just no way to rush it. Line upon line….one day at a time!


Walk and legs...

2 mile fast walk (baby in stroller)
10-15 minutes lower leg exercises

  • 30 reps leg lifts (each leg)
  • 30 reps leg kicks (each leg)
  • 30 reps squat-glute flex
Recover & Repeat 3-5 times

Notes: Walk felt good. Leg exercises were hard! Not used to so much repetition, even though there is no added weight. I can feel the exercises hitting my muscles though. Feels good. :)


Track Workout

2 mile run

Each lap:
Right side straight away--focus on speed
easy jog on curve
Left side straight away--focus on long strides
easy jog on curve

Core Work:
1 min bicycle
20 crunches
1 min plank

Notes: I liked the focus on each straight away. I can see over time how it can/will transform my run. Sometimes the longer strides felt easier than the "easy jog". Focus on pushing off harder and reaching my heel out further in front. Feeling stronger today.


Slowly but surely...

1 mile run
20 Thrusters
15 bicep curls
1 minute plank

REPEAT 3 times

Notes: Only got to do 2 sets because the baby woke up. But 2 sets was plenty for me today. :) Need to work on pushing off hard on the thrusters rather than just squatting and doing a shoulder press. Work on controlling the up and down motion on bicep curls. 2nd mile took me 10 minutes. :( Can't wait to get some of my speed back.