The 5-A-Day for 5 Days Challenge

How often do we hear it?

Eat 5 servings of fruits and vegetables EVERY day.

How many of us really do it? I mean consistently, every day?

How many of us think we do it, but don't. I'd venture to guess a lot.

Fruits and vegetables are key to weight loss and general good health.

Everyone wants a miracle pill, a diet "secret" or some other new weight loss "trick."

There are no tricks! (I want to yell that from a rooftop somewhere) There are, however, fruits and vegetables that have been here for us from the beginning of time. You can look high and low and bounce around from one fad diet to the next, but the reality will never change. Healthy, natural foods are what get you healthy and keep you healthy.

It's that simple.

There are properties in these foods that scientists simply can't uncover and can't recreate.

So here's the challenge. It's a short challenge because I want as many people as possible to do it ALL the way and notice the difference they feel.

For the next 5 days eat at least 2 servings* of fruit and 3 servings* of vegetables.

Breakfast: fruit

Morning snack: fruit

Lunch: vegetable

Afternoon snack: vegetable

Dinner: vegetable

Eat your fruit or vegetable first, before you eat anything else. Then eat the rest of your meal ONLY until you no longer feel hungry. Then stop.

It's only 5 days.

Can you do it?

Click HERE for a personalized food guide pyramid.

*Click HERE for a serving size reference guide.