Ready to Run 100 REVIEW

100 miles. 30 days. No problem.

Or so I thought.

Our latest challenge, Ready to Run 100, was definitely harder than I thought it was going to be. I was ready for the physical challenge of it.

Cardiovascularly I knew it wouldn't be a problem at all. I was expecting to have sore feet and tired legs from all the running. But what I wasn't ready for was the mental challenge of it.

This challenge messed with my head like crazy!

Running, running and....well, more running. It was monotonous. Boring. And downright irritating to me at times. I didn't ever want to do focused workouts because I just wanted to direct all my energy to logging miles. But what I found was, as I put energy into logging miles, all my energy felt drained from me. And, not only that, I could tell I was getting slower!

So, as I reviewed this challenge I realized that, even though it had it's downsides, it was great for several reasons:

1. It shows the importance of focused workouts. Added in speed and strength workouts help you get faster, energize you, and keeps your mind and body more fresh. RaceDay workouts work for a reason.

2. It shows the importance of variety in workouts. Doing the same thing over and over again doesn't work all your muscles and it doesn't keep it interesting, so pretty soon exercise isn't interesting at all. And you plateau pretty quickly.

3. This one is more personal than anything...I hate just running. I suppose I do triathlon's for a reason. I need to change things up. I don't mind running if it's supplemented with biking and swimming. But straight running is not my gig.

The interesting thing about challenges is you never know what you are going to learn from them. They are so much more than the accomplishment. They are all about what you learn in the process.

So there you have it. I finished this morning with no days to spare. My last 5 miles were rough but I sprinted to the finish.

Happy that it was over.

Happy that I did it.

Happy that I won't be doing it again.

....at least not for awhile.



Okay...our new challenge is starting this Friday, October 1st, so gear up!

It is called Fruit or Consequences and it will be good for all of us.

We all know that we should be eating 5 a day. It's one of those things where we all go, "Yeah, yeah, yeah...I know." But then we don't do it. We struggle with our weight and our health and our energy levels and wonder why. We try different diets or schemes and eventually we throw our hands up in the air and say, "I don't get it, I've tried everything...nothing works."

Except....have you really?

Are you looking past the most simple of solutions because it just seems too easy?

How good are you actually doing at getting in 5 a day? 2 fruits and 3 vegetables? Every. Single. Day. ?

Now I am a fitness person. I eat fairly well. I exercise a lot. But you know what still eludes me? Being really consistent with my 5 a day....especially vegetables. So I know if I am struggling with it that many of you are too.

I know a lot of people believe they get in all of their servings by eating a big salad, but more than likely you are fooling yourself. Look up a chart like THIS to know what serving sizes actually are and be real with yourself. Just because a salad has a cherry tomato, some lettuce and a cucumber in it doesn't mean you just got in 3 full servings of vegetables. Most likely you just got in one, or less.

As you get in full serving sizes of each of your fruits and vegetables, and you are paying attention to your body feeling hungry or no longer hungry, you will have less room for other foods and therefore you will eat less junk...it's that simple. I know what you're thinking..."But I WANT to eat junk." Right, me too. But would you rather feel good, have energy, lose weight and be healthy more?

Eat your fruits and veggies first. Make them a priority and then when it comes time to eat the rest of your meal STOP when you are no longer hungry. Even if you only get to eat two bites of your meal. (And don't reward yourself with a donut for eating a carrot. :)

The more you eat real foods, consistently, the more efficiently your body will run. If you have been eating badly for awhile it may take some adjustment, but if you consistently get in your fruits and vegetables you will see how your body, and mind, will change.

30 days of a focused challenge can completely change your perspective and significantly change your habits. And being part of a group challenge is even more helpful. Commit yourself and see how it motivates you.

It sounds simple right?

Then do it!

Start: OCT 1st
End: OCT 31st

Fruit or Consequences RULES:

  • Eat 2 servings of fruits and 3 servings of vegetables Daily. (you can't make up for missed servings the next day!)
  • Track your progress on THIS sheet (print out 1 for each week)
  • For each serving missed run 1 mile on Saturday. (aka: consequences)
  • Extra fruit servings DO NOT make up for vegetable servings, and vice versa. 2 fruits/3 vegetables. Period.
  • Do your best to spread out your servings through the day!
  • Post an "I'm in!" in the forum if you're doing this with us--it helps keep you accountable and gives you support. Let's do this thing.