Who’s The Boss?

No. This isn’t a post about Tony Danza and his relationship with Angela or Mona. It’s about you and your relationship with food.

When we eat there is a lot of communication going on from a lot of different places: our brains, our bodies, our tongues, our friends, etc. All of this communication is pertinent, but when it comes to ending the meal, there is only one communicator that can be “boss”.

If I’m eating dinner with my friend (and I ONLY eat if I feel hunger) and I hit that point where I know I don’t really need to eat any more, here is an example of some communication that might be going on:

BRAIN: I probably shouldn’t eat any more. I bet there are so many calories in this. I should stop. Maybe it’s okay to have a little more of that bread…it’s wheat, that’s healthy right? Ugh!

BODY: I feel just right. Let’s stop.

TONGUE: Ohhhh, that tastes sooooo good. I want more. Just a little more won’t hurt. YUM! I don’t want to stop!

FRIEND: You’re not done are you? Let’s get dessert too.

If you look at all the communicators, only one is being fair to you. Only one doesn’t get emotionally involved. Only one is in control of the situation. Only one should be “boss”.

Your body.

When you eat your dial should be switched to “BODY”. That is the only communicator you should listen to as you eat. When it says: “I’m not hungry any more,” you stop.

Is your tongue gonna try to argue? Of course. Especially when you’ve been listening to it for such a long time.

Is your brain gonna try to stress you out and make you have excess worries? Yep. Especially with all the bombardments from the diet and nutrition industry.

Is your friend gonna try to tempt you? Quite possibly, especially if they are struggling with their eating habits too.

But as you dial in to “BODY” and listen to it more and more, the quieter all those other communicators will get.

Sorry “TONGUE” you don’t have a say anymore.

That’s not to say you can’t enjoy the taste of food, you are simply dialed in to a different “boss” to tell you when to stop.

As you eat, only when you feel hunger, and allow your body to be boss of when to stop, you won’t feel deprived, you won’t feel confused, you won’t feel bloated and you won’t feel guilty. You will feel light, happy and in charge of yourself.

Who doesn’t want that?

So next time you eat... remember who’s boss.