Not Your Grandmother's Run...

Running.  I've got a love-hate relationship with it, that's for sure.  First mile=always hate.  Last 10 seconds=always love.  Days I don't run=hate.  The rest of the day after I run=love love love.  Just try to focus on the largest portion of happiness.  20-30 minutes of being uncomfortable running is worth it for 16 hours of happiness for having done it. :)  20-30 extra minutes in bed isn't worth the remaining 16 hours of self loathing I have for not doing it.  Perspective people, it's all perspective.

Here is a workout that will help you build speed in your triathlon run.  Don't make the mistake of just running for distance as you train.  Speed training is very important and essential to maximize your race day results.  These workouts are shorter but more intense than other running workouts you may be used to.  It's important to push yourself on these workouts.  One of my favorites sayings is "Intensity Matters!" You can quote me on that. :)

Treadmill Fartlek Ladder (if you can say that without giggling you're a true athlete)

15 secs fast
15 secs off
30 secs fast
30 secs off
45 secs fast
45 secs off
1 min fast
1 min off
1:15 fast
1:15 off
1:30 fast
1:30 off
1:45 fast
1:45 off
2 min fast
2 min off
1:45 fast
1:45 off
...and so on, back on down to 15 secs

Now, when I say "fast", I mean F-A-S-T.  Just to give you an example, I think I start my 15 secs fast at about 13 mph on the treadmill.  If that is too fast for you, don't worry, just start at a speed that is a full out sprint, whatever that may be for YOU.  I do taper my speed some as I increase in time, but I come up with a speed that I won't go below.  For example, since I know that 2 minutes is the longest I have to run without stopping I know that I can run at a 9.5 on the treadmill.  It will be really hard, especially because of all the runs I will have done before it, but if I don't set that goal I will be doing my 2 minute "fast" at about 4 mph.  It is important to set goals and gages before you start a workout.  If you have never done it before, you may have to make adjustments as you go along, but don't let that prevent you from setting goals.  Next time you should have a better idea of what speeds you can hold.

Now RUN!