After Dinner Plans?

Do you ever get stuck in the mode where you are just eating because you're just....well, just because? You finish your meal and you're no longer hungry, but you just feel like you want to keep eating for some reason? Sometimes it's hard to pull yourself out of this place and it's where a lot of overeating happens.

One of the best ways to get past this is to have plans for after dinner, or whatever meal it is. Have a plan to read a book, start a project, clean a closet, visit a friend, go for a walk, check your email, etc. immediately following your meal. Have it be something you are looking forward to. Once you can pull yourself away from the table and get lost in your "plans" your peckishness will go away--and you'll get a lot of stuff done!

So when you make your meal plans include your after meal plans too.

It works wonders!