Getting Stronger...

3 mile run

recover (about 2 minutes) before doing sprints

4 x 100 sprints (walk or slow jog 100m between each sprint)

Notes: Loved my run today! And it felt really good to sprint. I felt strong. Getting better. Yay!


30 minutes or less….

Warm Up: 1/2 mile jog

1 min swim kick on back (work core)
10 push ups (real)
1 min swim kick on stomach (work glutes)
15 plank jacks ( keep bootie low)
1 min swim kick on back
20 shoulder press (used 10 lbs)
1 min swim kick on stomach
25 bicep curls (used 8 lbs)
400 m run

Try to complete 3 full sets in 30 minutes or less

Notes: I used lower weights so I could make it through the higher reps. I could probably have used 10 lbs for the bicep curls. Switch to that next time. Focused on doing good, real push ups. Had to take small breaks on the back swim kicks bc my core was getting pretty tired. Finished workout in 28:52.


Short & Sweet :)

Warm Up: 1/2 mile jog

400 m run
10 burpees

Repeat 4 times for time

Finished workout in 14:14. Sooooo tired. I used to think a set of 10 burpees was no big deal. Um, kind of a big deal now. Runs felt pretty good…stronger than last week. I will get there! Looked up a few tri's today. Considering one in August and one in November.