Day 51: You Ain’t Got No Satisfaction!

Have you ever had that feeling like, “Mmmmm, I just want to eat something but I don’t know what it is.” ? And then you proceed to eat about 20 things, none of them brining you any satisfaction and each choice less healthy than the last. Then, not only are you not satisfied, but you feel disgusting?

Here’s the deal. You’re not hungry. You are trying to satisfy some other emotion with food. Maybe you are bored. Perhaps you are procrastinating doing something you should be doing (ah-hem…so guilty of that one). Maybe you are upset or tired or sad. Whatever it is, you are trying to satisfy it with food and it will NEVER work and you will inevitably feel worse when you are done.

What to do? When you are feeling like that analyze yourself before you put anything in your mouth. Those feelings are the start of a binge. Stop the binge before you start. Remember, we only eat when we feel hungry anyway. You will feel so much better facing the emotion head on and dealing with it. (And you’ll avoid gaining weight in the process!)