Living Life Offensively

It occurred to me yesterday that life is sort of like a game only we can choose if we want to play offense or defense. It has been my tendency in the past to play a lot of defense, to try to keep things from happening to me, to prevent the bad as much as I can. But yesterday I realized that as long as I am playing defense I can't score. And scoring is the only way to win the game.

Switching from defense to offense means now I move forward with
purpose. I'm not trying to keep something from happening, I'm trying to make sure something happens.

Now I'm in control of the game.

Switching mentally from defense to offense gives you power. You're not a victim in your life, to your weight, to your current physical or mental state. You have what it takes inside of you to "score", all you have to do is move with purpose. Don't wait for something to happen or change...make it happen.

You make the changes.

**Make just one change today.**