Burst Training…YES!


400m walk
1 mile *burst run --
400m walk
1 mile burst run
400 m walk
1 mile burst run
400m walk

This workout was AWESOME!!! I adapted it from something I read and it was the perfect amount of push and intensity with enough rest incorporated that I felt like I got the max amount out of this workout. Hardest I have worked out since the baby. It's an awesome speed workout. I know because I was getting faster during the workout. 1st mile--9:59; 2nd mile--9:44; 3rd mile--9:48. 4 miles total with the walk, but didn't feel like 4 miles at all. Definitely putting this workout in the rotation.

*Burst run=jog and then sprint at the top of every minute for 10 seconds (so when your clock hits one minute then sprint 10 seconds, at two minutes sprint 10 secs, etc. until you finish 1 mile)


15 reps...

Warm Up: 1/2 mile jog/run

15 bicep curls
15 shoulder press
15 butterflies
15 tricep dips
15 back rows
400m run

Notes: I used 10lbs on the bicep curls, shoulder press and back rows and 8lbs on the butterflies. I like to use lower weights and do higher reps for a longer and leaner muscle look. When I get stronger I won't go much above 15lbs on my lifting (except on chest press). Went about 85% on my runs. Want to push a little more next time…closer to 90% effort.


Sprints and Lunges...

1 mile jog
4 x 100m sprint followed by 20 *walking lunges
1 mile jog

Core workout:
1 min plank
20 crunches (push chest up towards ceiling)
10 right/10 left side crunches (elbow to opposite knee)
10 crunches

Notes: *On walking lunges try to swing back leg all the way through and out in front, don't touch foot down half way. This really helps to work the inner and upper thigh muscles used in running. If you can pull your legs up and through from this more extreme position it will make running easier. I only made it 1/2 a mile on the last part of the work out because I was so tired from the sprints and lunges. Next time I will finish it!

Thoughts: When I workout I am always thinking about something, and sometimes I think it's worth sharing. Here is my thought today. So much of the time we spend fighting ourselves, especially when it comes to weight. I've never totally understood this. People claim to want to be thin yet when presented with food they just can't help themselves. ?? The thing is, it's all a matter of what you want…more. It doesn't  have to be a fight, that's just something the food and diet industry want you to believe. (I swear hostess and 24 hour fitness are in cahoots with each other). Here's the thing…if you truly want to be thin, then you do what it takes to get that. If, on the other hand, you say you want to be thin but your actions are always saying otherwise then it's not what you truly want. Inside you are telling yourself a different story: "I'm okay at this size" or "It doesn't really matter to me that much" or "People should just like me for who I am anyway" or whatever.  And so you've created the fight. It really is much easier once you decide what is most important to you and move forward from there. Food and treats just don't have the same draw because you know what you want and your actions will back up what you know. It goes the same for exercise. Whenever I get in the "I have to exercise" mode, it's drudgery. But when I remember what I really want: to feel good, energized, healthy, strong, thin, etc. I can't wait to get out and run!  What do you really want?