Day 78: A Cumulative Process

I always try to remind my clients that training is a “cumulative process”. It is hard to see all the great effects exercise has on your body (and mind for that matter).

The other day I was playing around with my heart rate monitor and realized it has a “files” section that tracks all the days exercised, hours exercised, and calories burned that I have logged since I got it. I was amazed to see I had exercised 90 days for a total of 110 hours (over 4 ½ days of pure exercise) and burned nearly 35,000 calories. 35,000 calories!!!! Oh my gosh. That is 35,000 extra calories that would be stuck to me if I hadn’t exercised. Yuck.

Sometimes it is hard to see what we are doing. It’s hard to chart our progress from day to day. But when you recognize this is a cumulative process that isn’t just burning calories, but also building muscle, strengthening bones, and increasing aerobic capacities each and every day, you can’t even begin to imagine the positive effects this has on your health…muscles, bones, heart, etc.

Every day counts in this process.

Which direction are you going today?