Day 86: Eye of the Tiger

Who doesn’t love Rocky? I mean, how can you not?

My brother and I grew up listening to Eye of the Tiger and thinking we were awesome. As a kid I liked the song because I just thought the sound was cool and made great background music for a guy getting in shape during a montage scene. But listening to it now brings a whole new meaning to me.

As we get older we start to discount what we can do. We lose sight of what we want to do. We let go of it because it’s too much work, or we think we don’t have time and we convince ourselves we don’t really want it that much anyway. You know what “it” is for you.

This is where my favorite part of the song comes in.

It says:

So many times, it happens too fast

You change your passion for glory

Don't lose your grip on the dreams of the past

You must fight just to keep them alive

A lot of times the challenge isn’t in achieving our goals, it’s in remembering what they are and that we really want them. Fighting against the apathy. Not letting go of your dreams because it seems too hard to get there. We don’t even get to try to achieve our goals because we’ve already written ourselves off.

How often do we “change our passion for glory” because it’s easier to change what we want than to change what we do?

We all have fitness goals. It is so easy to “change your passion for glory” or “lose your grip on the dreams of the past” when thinking about your fitness goals. But I am telling you right now they are attainable. Everything you want to do is within you to do.

Now fight to keep it alive and you will be shocked to see what happens.