No Shortcuts

We live in a world where shortcuts and getting "something for nothing" are like second nature to us. Our computers are full of "shortcuts". We want to find shortcuts whenever we get directions anywhere. We LIVE for shortcuts. This is a problem.

So many of us are trying to figure out ways to side-step doing the real work that needs to be done in an effort to save "time". But unfortunately, all these shortcut methods that are so "time saving" start to seep into other parts of our life and before long we are trying to shortcut our emotional problems as well. However, when you try to shortcut emotions they multiply. They start to drain you physically and emotionally. You constantly feel tired. And you haven't saved any time at all...you're losing it by the minute because you're exhausted and unhappy and you can't keep up with life. You can't keep up the show anymore.

We all know when we are trying to shortcut our way around things physically (HCG, other fad diets, less exercise, starving ourselves then bingeing, etc), but I think the harder thing to recognize is when we try to take shortcuts emotionally.

The following is an excerpt from Stephen R. Covey, Spiritual Roots of Human Relations:

"We live in a shortcut world. Cities and human organizations are built apart from nature and are often goverened by artificial, rather than natural, law. Can you imagine a farmer "cramming" in the fall to bring forth the harvest, as students have done, and still do, to pass examinations? Can you imagine a mile-runner "pretending" speed and endurance, or a concert pianist "putting on the appearance" of skill and proficiency? Obviously there is no shortcut, no "something for nothing," in farming or in developing a physical skill.

Yet when it comes to internal emotional and spiritual growth, we often apply the shortcut lessons of an artificial social world where we cram and pretend, get by on appearances or glib tongues, and literally think we do get something for nothing."

It's simply untrue. You can never get something for nothing because there are basic laws by which our universe operates and you will pay for it in some way, some day. The best answer is to deal with things head on. Do the real work now. Don't put it off for later. Physically and emotionally face up to what is there. While it may seem scary you will experience growth, happiness, and joy you didn't know was possible.

So take the long road, the one you haven't taken before.

It's not scary, it's beautiful.